About Us

The pandemic taught us how a small virus can bring the world to a halt. However, scientists came together and developed multiple vaccines at a record pace to help restart the world. This was possible only due to the scientific knowledge we have painfully collected over the past decades. At Descign AI, we believe science holds the key to solving some of the biggest issues facing mankind – infectious diseases, food and water shortages, pollution. Unfortunately, this key is locked away and breakthroughs come at a snail pace. This is largely due to very high infrastructure and knowledge barriers to doing research.

The Descign AI team has experienced these barriers and wants to disrupt the status quo by removing all barriers to doing research, so every scientific idea can find a home. We want a world where stopping climate change, improving health and prolonging life are not just happy thoughts, but an achievable goal. To make this future a reality, we are on a mission to build a platform which can democratize and decentralize research. Our platform allows scientists to design, manage and scale their entire research workflows, with their research partners globally. Simply put – A collaboration tool for scientists.

Our advisors:

Alfonso Rodriguez-Paton is the director of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence at UPM, Spain. He is widely published in different domains: Automation in Biology, Synthetic Biology, Natural Computing and Theory of computation. He is a recipient of several European Union H2020 and Spanish National grants. His research group is actively trying to solve the reproducibility crisis in sciences using innovative and sustainable solutions keeping in mind both the industry and academia.

Victor de Lorenzo is the director of Molecular Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, at the Systems Biology Program of the National Center of Biotechnology (CNB) in Madrid, Spain. He is a conspicuous advocate of Synthetic Biology and Environmental Bioengineering. He is a recipient of several national and international projects spanning all continents. He is very passionate about tackling the reproducibility crisis using metrology standards and innovative genetic tools.

Paloma Cabello is an Alternative Investment Specialist, a Senior Strategy Advisor, an Angel Investor and holds several directorships in public and private companies. She was the first European individual appointed as member of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Enterprise Forum, Global Advisory Board. She volunteers regularly as a judge in several competitions and innovation/technology Awards; Among others, the MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35, the MIT Enterprise Forum Startup Competition, the EMTECH Venture Point and the ActuaUPM competition of the UPM, Spain. She is also an Associate Professor (M&A) in the Master of International Finance IEB – Wharton – LSE – CUH. She is mentoring the team with her expertise and decades of experience in technology related sectors for business plan development and strategy.